Kamtep Leak Sne-[07 END]


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The Cupids Series: Sorn Ruk Kammathep (2017) As head of the personnel department, the dashing Nanthisa should diligently follow the company rules. Instead, she is perpetually late. Not only does she have a long commute, but she must secure permission from her man-fearing/hating mother and grandmother before leaving. Consequently, her boss Phim threatens to dismiss Nanthisa unless she moves into a nearby vacant condo.
Her new next-door neighbor, the bachelor Anggurt, seems to only confirm her family’s negative male stereotype. Women come and go from his condo at all hours. Whenever Anggurt and Nanthisa cross paths, sparks fly. She is disgusted by his behavior and he is not at all regretful.
But when Anggurt’s sister goes on a matchmaking spree, Anggurt begs his argumentative neighbor to pose as his girlfriend and deter any potential brides-to-be. Nanthisa agrees for two reasons; (1) She doesn’t want any of the girls to end up with such a terrible guy. (2) Since she doesn’t expect to find a boyfriend before Valentine’s Day, she expects to lose her job. The compensation Anggurt offers for helping him will support Nanthhisa as she transitions into unemployment.